My name is David Hsieh, I’m a graduate of the University of Florida. I’m seeking opportunities to leverage my digital marketing experience and knowledge to provide data-driven results.

Through my campus involvement, I’ve become well-versed in Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop) and have completed high-quality projects. My CBS4 internship allowed me to apply my creative skills that would meet professional expectations. I managed the station’s Facebook account and produced engaging content for the local community. As the social media chair for Surge Interest Group, my content creation skills and social media marketing knowledge more than tripled user engagement and reach on the organization’s Facebook page. In my experience as a digital marketing intern, I supported various marketers on client accounts by analyzing data, writing, blogging, website management, managing google advertising campaigns and various social media channels. I am a confident and determined individual who is constantly searching for ways to not only meet but exceed expectations.

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